Next Cooking Session  |  25.08.2019  |  03:00 PM

Tacos y Tequila


What the taco?

Do you know the difference between Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos or Chalupas ? No ? Then come and join the next taco session.


During this cooking session you are going to know all about the mexican tortilla and it's side dishes. Together we will have a nice evening cooking, chating and of course eating while I will explain a bit about what the differences of the dishes are. 

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Intercultural Bridges

Intercultural Bridges is a project which invites people to come together and share their cooking skills.


The aim is to create a platform that gives each and everyone the opportunity to learn from other cultures and grow. Create your own cooking event or join the next one close by. Learn how to prepare the ghanaian national food Fufu or teach your neighbours your own favourite recipe.


Share your knowledge and learn something new!


About the cook


Hey there,

I'm Maria and am about to finish my studies as a communication designer. Since many years I'm into social projects and love to work with communities of different cultures and background.

As my bachelor project I chose to design experiences for intercultural communication through cooking. I believe that cooking can connect people overall and can be seen as a bridge that can be built even when people have different opinions on religion, politics or other topics. And even better, we can learn so much from each other in so many ways. So let's start to share our knowledge about the preparation of food. Let's start cooking!

Start your culinary adventure and learn something new about Tacos! 

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